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Help Children Cope with Anxiety

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If you have a child who’s feeling anxious, or you know a child that is suffering from anxiety, it’s only natural to want to reach out and help. In fact, you should be commended for caring enough to search for articles like this one on the World Wide Web. In order to assist you with soothing the anxiety of a child, we’ve created a helpful quick guide. By following our expert advice, you’ll be one step closer to making a child feel better.

Listen – A child needs to know that his or her fears are normal. By listening carefully to what the child says, you’ll be able to respond compassionately and appropriately. If you notice certain “red flags”, such as severe depression or suicidal statements/behavior, do all that you can to encourage the child to seek therapy or to speak to a family doctor. If anxiety doesn’t seem to be that severe in scale, simply assure the child that you care, and that his or her emotions and moods are valid.

Distract – Children may find solace in activities which distract them from their worries, so do ask a child to participate in an activity that he or she may enjoy. From board games to sports to visiting an amusement park or children’s museum, there are plenty of options here. Consider the child’s personality and then find activities which mesh with his or her interests.

Exercise with the Child – Physical activity soothes stress. In order to make it possible for children to utilize their bodies, plan an activity, such as soccer, going to the gym or hiking. By allowing kids to release tension via exercise, you’ll be able to improve the way that children feel on the inside. Exercise releases “feel good” chemicals, known as endorphins. These chemicals fill children with positive energy that makes it simpler to handle problems.

Now that you know more about how to help children cope with anxiety, you’ll be ready to lend a helping hand. One important thing to consider is your own attitude. By setting an example via calm and positive behavior, you’ll be a great role model for a kid.

Because children tend to pick up on the moods and actions of the adults in their lives, you have the power to positively influence (and soothe) a child, simply by being there, listening, and supporting the child’s development each day. Because you really care, you have the capacity to provide superior moral support.

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